LEX the Lexicon Artist & Super Smack Present: The Crazy Switch Asians Tour

By Huge Euge (other events)

Thursday, September 12 2019 7:00 PM 11:30 PM EST

LEX the Lexicon Artist & Super Smack Present: The Crazy Switch Asians Tour

A rap show for high scorers.

w/ special guest Huge Euge

LEX the Lexicon Artist

LEX the Lexicon Artist makes high-energy rap music for the mind. Plagued with self-repression, neurotic ambition, and delusions of grandeur, Taiwanese-American rapper, writer, and creator Alex Sun Liu created LEX in 2016 to shield polite society from her most socially unacceptable attributes, by bringing them onstage instead. With a comically narcissistic persona and a domineering stage presence, LEX delivers surgically precise rapid-fire rap lyrics about nerd culture, personal identity, and the depths of the human mind. LEX is ugly and real, and speaks to the minds of misfits everywhere. A lifelong academic overachiever, social pariah, and pop culture fanatic, LEX creates music and live experiences for the world’s brainy outcasts who want to find somewhere they belong.

Super Smack

Super Smack is on a mission to bring world peace through geeky hip-hop music. Fusing boom-bap, chiptune, trap, and jazz, Smack has earned the title “The Nintendo Switch of Rappers” for his vibrant style and knack for joy. He lives in New York City and is from Los Angeles, so both coasts are in his DNA. Smack has performed at SXSW Nerdcore Dayz, Brooklyn Comic-Con, and Off-Broadway. He’s an alum of Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal’s BARS WORKSHOP and also performs with the irreverent freestyle team NORTH COAST. His videogame-inspired album NEON RED is being released in Fall 2019.


Huge Euge